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Barbara Caridad Ferrer ([personal profile] fashionista_35) wrote2009-05-01 09:58 am

Okey doke, then

In my usual bumbling sort of way, I'm trying to figure this sucker out. I hate when sites come up with cutesy terms for simple things though.
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How tech-phobic am I? I bought a DW account so I can, in event of plague, fire, or flood, port my LJ and comments, and icons over to DW. But as of now, I have little intention of doing so. I've been thinking of DW as possibly a new chance to start a more journal-y, less fannish, journal. That's a faint hope, though, because everyone I'm friending--er, sorry, circling--is fannish, at least to some degree.

Bottom line? I don't want to lose track of people. But I hate change. Hate.
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[personal profile] arliss 2009-05-02 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Er, um. I may have commited portage. Just a little. Um, even as we speak. But they made it so EASY!